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Cory McAbee has been gracing audiences with his own brand of surreal, imaginative, musical cinema for almost two decades. He stunned both audiences and critics in 2001 with his first feature length film, THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT, which soon generated a cult following.

He toured the festival circuit in 2009 with STINGRAY SAM, a sci-fi western space musical -- an old timey serial in six parts. And it's just the right parts humor, rock n roll, and biting social satire.

In this exclusive video with Elisa Da Prato and Greg Vander Veer, Cory sat down at his local pub to discuss -- among things -- sexual reproduction in outer space, his disappointment in the lack of flying cars, and what to expect from him in the years to come.


Cory discusses the influences for his film, STINGRAY SAM, and his futuristic interpretations of unnatural procreation.

Cory talks about his childhood dream of living on the moon and what went wrong. 


Cory shares plans for his next film which he declares a "very serious, werewolf-hunter film- musical."

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