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Jeff Perkins’ short film “Shout” was created for the 1966 Fluxus Film Festival held at the Cinamatec Theater on West 41st Street in New York. This silent 2 ½ minute film shows a close crop of two men in profile having an argument. Their wild facial expressions break in and out of the camera frame.

George Maciunas, a founding member of the Fluxus movement and organizer of many Fluxus happenings, curated the event at which this film was originally screened. For almost all of the artists involved, it was their first time exploring film as a creative medium. Collectively the films included in the Festival draw attention to the medium of film itself, such as George Maciunas’ “10 feet” which simply shows the passing of ten feet of film, or Naim Jun Paik’s “Zen for Film” which is essentially seven minutes worth of blank film leader. Other films like Jeff Perkin’s film, “Shout” or Dick Higgins’ “Invocation of Canyons and Boulders” examine a basic and universal series of motions and gestures. 

Jeff Perkins’ recent projects include a 2008 documentary about painter, Sam Francis which has been screened at the Los Angelas Museum of Contemporary Art, the Naples Film Festival, and is included in the Museum of Modern Art’s film collection. Jefferey Perkins also exhibits his paintings and performance pieces.

Other Fluxus Films from the 1966 Film Festival can be seen on


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