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In “Three Weeks in Burj AlBarajneh,” Katayoun Vaziri gives an intimate perspective on life inside a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Funded by a Yale travel grant, the artist spent three weeks in the camp last summer forging relationships with its inhabitants far beyond those seen in most documentaries.

Vaziri portrays people who have rebuilt their identities despite extreme adversity. A groom gets his hair trimmed before his wedding; his bride beams as they cut a tiered cake. On a bus ride, women dance as pop music swirls around them. Some wear headscarves with Western clothing; others have no scarves at all.

The refugees face many hardships, as even food, water and electricity are scarce. They can only leave the camp under government supervision. Vaziri interviews one woman who says the refugees have been “forgotten,” but this documentary attests to the vibrance of ordinary people even-- in the most difficult of circumstances.

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Three Weeks in Burj AlBarajneh by Katayoun Vaziri.

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