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Currently starring in the widely acclaimed film
in this 2002 interview, Daniel Day-Lewis speaks with legendary poet Eileen Myles.
Photography by Terry Richardson.

The bible of indie culture, index A to Z, is packed with index's most memorable interviews and greatest photographs, including previously unpublished party pictures. index, published in print from 1996-2005, brought together some of the era's most relevant cultural figures. New interviews with founders Peter Halley and Bob Nickas, a reminiscence by Bruce LaBruce, and a historical overview by Wendy Vogel offer further looks behind the scenes.

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Lana Del Rey, originally known as Lizzy Grant, was interviewed by Brea Tremblay for index in 2008. The singer discussers her album Kill Kill, her trailer park home in New Jersey, and Tiger Beat magazine.
Jeff Perkins’ short film “Shout” was created for the 1966 Fluxus Film Festival held at the Cinamatec Theater on West 41st Street in New York.
Featuring Jeff Perkins and Anthony Cox.
In “Three Weeks in Burj AlBarajneh,” 2008, Katayoun Vaziri gives an intimate perspective on life inside a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Vaziri portrays people who have rebuilt their identities despite extreme adversity.

Using Paul Bowles’ novel The Sheltering Sky as a point of departure, Amy Granat created an immersive environment of projected images for her 2010 exhibition at The Kitchen, NYC. Click here to view the single-channel, feature-length film she made using the same footage.

In this exclusive video, filmmaker Cory McAbee sat down with index at his local pub to discuss -- among things -- sexual reproduction in outer space, his disappointment in the lack of flying cars, and what to expect from him in the years to come.

Check out the 2000 interview with Elizabeth Peyton from our archives!

A gallery of index's cover portraits by photographers such as Leeta Harding, Wolfgang Tillmans, Terry Richardson, and Juergen Teller. Plus, the contents of each issue.

Carol Channing

Kate Winslet

John Waters

Scarlett! Bianca! Aiden Shaw! Kathleen Hannah!
The stars you want to see, the way you've always wanted to see 'em.

Read Octavia Butler's 1998 interview with Mike McGonigal from the index archives.

Read Octavia Butler's 1998 interview with Mike McGonigal from the index archives.

A video by Greg Vander Veer featuring documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles.


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